Next.js & React – The Complete Guide (incl. Two Paths!) Free Download shares free “Next.js & React – The Complete Guide (incl. Two Paths!) ” courses, high-speed download links. You’ll learn NextJS from the ground up and build production-ready, fullstack ReactJS apps with the NextJS framework!

Effortlessly progress from a NextJS beginner to an advanced level with this course! Beginning from the fundamentals, no prior knowledge of NextJS is necessary. We will explore all the foundational features of NextJS, both in theory and through practical application in multiple real projects, guiding you step by step.

While a basic understanding of React is recommended for this course, a “React refresher” module is provided for those who may need to revisit React concepts. The course also offers a convenient “NextJS Summary” module, allowing you to revisit and refresh your knowledge without going through the entire course again. Alternatively, you can opt for this summary module to swiftly grasp all core features in the shortest time possible.

Upon completing this course, you will be well-equipped to independently develop your own NextJS projects from scratch and confidently apply for NextJS positions!

Next.js & React - The Complete Guide (incl. Two Paths!) free download
  • ReactJS knowledge is strongly recommended, but the course also includes a complete React refresher module
  • NO prior NextJS knowledge is required

Acquire a comprehensive understanding of essential NextJS features, including pre-rendering, SSR, data fetching, file-based routing, and authentication. Develop the skills to construct client-side and full-stack ReactJS applications using NextJS. Reinforce your knowledge through hands-on projects and practical examples, applying what you’ve learned in real-world scenarios. Choose between the full course for an in-depth exploration or opt for the “NextJS Summary” module to get a quick start if you have limited time.

  • React developers who want to take the next step and build production-ready React apps
  • React developers who aim to build fullstack React apps
  • Web developers in general, who want to work with one of the most popular and in-demand tech stacks

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