Hamedbahram – The Ultimate NextJs Course Free Download

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“Next.js stands out as a robust framework designed for constructing full-stack React applications, offering a seamless experience in developing swift, SEO-friendly websites, and performance-optimized web applications.

A pivotal addition to Next.js is the new application router, constructed atop React server components and suspense. Initially introduced in Next.js 13 and now fully stabilized in Next.js 14, this router significantly simplifies the process of building full-stack React applications.

Hamedbahram - The Ultimate NextJs Course Free Download

This comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge to embark on your journey with Next.js 14. Starting from the fundamentals of setting up a Next.js project, the curriculum progresses to cover advanced concepts such as nested layouts, dynamic rendering, revalidating, mutations, suspense, and error boundaries.”


  • Getting started
  • Your first app
  • Routing
  • Rendering
  • Data fetching
  • NextJs components
  • Advanced routing
  • Authentication
  • TypeScript
  • Projects

Tech Stack

  • TailwindCSS (styling)
  • Framer motion (animation)
  • MongoDB & PlanetScale (database)
  • Next-Auth & Clerk (authentication)
  • Prismic (headless CMS)
  • MDX (markdown)
  • Stripe (payments)
  • Swell (ecommerce)

Update: 11/2023

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