NET Core MVC – The Complete Guide 2023 [E-commerce] [.NET8] Free Download shares free “NET Core MVC – The Complete Guide 2023 [E-commerce] [.NET8]” courses, high-speed download links. You’ll learn to build real world e-commerce application using ASP.NET Core MVC, Entity Framework Core and ASP.NET Core Identity.

Embark on a comprehensive journey from fundamental to advanced .NET 8 proficiency with this course. Whether you are new to ASP.NET Core or have prior experience with ASP.NET, this course is tailored to guide you through the nuances of ASP.NET Core and bridge any knowledge gaps. As we progress, we will construct multiple projects to thoroughly explore all aspects of .NET 8, culminating in the deployment of our final application on both Azure and IIS.

Throughout the duration of this course, we will delve into the evolution of ASP.NET Core, examining the modified file and folder structures. New concepts unique to ASP.NET Core will be explored, and we will apply this knowledge by building a small Razor application with CRUD operations, integrating Entity Framework for seamless database interactions.

The scope of the course extends to the creation of a comprehensive Bulky Book website, where advanced topics in ASP.NET MVC Core will be covered in detail. The culmination of the course will involve deploying our Bulky Book website on both Microsoft Azure and IIS, providing a practical application of the acquired skills.

.NET Core MVC - The Complete Guide 2023 [E-commerce] [.NET8]
  • 3-6 months knowledge of C#
  • Visual Studio 2022
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • .NET 6

Explore the architecture of an ASP.NET MVC Core (.NET 8) Project. Understand the structure of an ASP.NET Core (.NET 8) Razor Project. Grasp the foundational principles of ASP.NET MVC Core (.NET 8). Engage in hands-on learning by constructing two projects throughout the course.

Implement Identity Framework and discover how to incorporate additional fields for Users. Utilize the Razor class library for Identity interactions. Integrate Entity Framework, incorporating code-first migrations. Explore sessions in ASP.NET Core (.NET 8) and delve into Custom Tag Helpers. Gain proficiency in View Components and Partial Views in ASP.NET Core. Incorporate Bootstrap v5 for enhanced styling.

Learn about Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET Core (.NET 8). Implement Google and Facebook Authentication/Login. Manage roles using ASP.NET Core Identity. Explore email notifications and the use of TempData in ASP.NET Core (.NET 8). Integrate Stripe Payment solutions. Implement the Repository Pattern for efficient database access. Automatically seed database migrations. Conclude by deploying your website on Microsoft Azure.

  • Anyone who wants to learn ASP NET MVC core (.NET 8) from Basics to Advance
  • Anyone who wants to learn most latest changes with Microsoft newest framework
  • Anyone interested in learning how to Architect Large Scale Projects

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