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Freetutsdownload.com shares free “Microservices Architecture and Implementation on .NET 5” courses, high-speed download links. You’ll learn Building Microservices on .Net which used Asp.Net Web API, Docker, RabbitMQ,Ocelot API Gateway, MongoDB,Redis,SqlServer

This course is derived from a live GitHub aspnetrun microservices repository, which has been validated by the community with 1700+ stars and 1000+ forks.

Throughout this course, you’ll gain the expertise to construct microservices on .NET platforms, utilizing Asp.Net Web API, Docker, RabbitMQ, MassTransit, gRPC, Ocelot API Gateway, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Dapper, Entity Framework Core, CQRS, and Clean Architecture. The 24.5-hour fully updated video content guides you through the development process.

You’ll specifically focus on creating e-commerce modules for Product, Basket, and Ordering microservices, incorporating both NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis) and Relational databases (PostgreSQL, SQL Server). Communication between these services is facilitated through RabbitMQ Event-Driven Communication, and an Ocelot API Gateway is employed. The course offers a comprehensive exploration of Microservices Architecture, presenting a step-by-step implementation on .NET with in-depth explanations and details.

Microservices Architecture and Implementation on .NET 5
  • C# knowledge (generics, async/await, anonymous methods, action, predicate)
  • Aspnet basics knowledge
  • Docker basics knowledge
  • Develop Microservices with ASP.NET Core Web API
  • Understand REST API Principles and CRUD Operations
  • Connect to NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Redis using Docker
  • Establish connections with SQL Server using Entity Framework Core within Docker
  • Implement N-Layer architecture with Repository Pattern
  • Utilize Swagger Open API for documentation
  • Perform inter-service synchronization using Discount gRPC Service for calculating product final prices
  • Publish BasketCheckout Queue using MassTransit and RabbitMQ
  • Create a highly performant inter-service gRPC Communication with Basket Microservice
  • Implement micro-ORM with Dapper for simplified data access and enhanced performance
  • Connect to PostgreSQL database and containerize it
  • Enable asynchronous microservices communication with RabbitMQ Message-Broker Service
  • Implement RabbitMQ Publish/Subscribe Topic Exchange Model
  • Utilize MassTransit for abstraction over RabbitMQ Message-Broker system
  • Implement Domain-Driven Design (DDD), CQRS, and Clean Architecture following best practices
  • Develop CQRS with MediatR, FluentValidation, and AutoMapper packages
  • Consume RabbitMQ BasketCheckout event queue with MassTransit-RabbitMQ Configuration
  • Use Entity Framework Core ORM and auto migrate to SQL Server on application startup
  • Develop Microservices API Gateway with Ocelot
  • Call Ocelot APIs with HttpClientFactory
  • Implement the Gateway aggregation pattern in Shopping Aggregator
  • Develop ASP.NET Core Web Application using Bootstrap 4 and Razor template
  • Containerize all microservices using Docker Compose
  • Use Portainer for lightweight management UI to manage different Docker environments
  • Explore pgAdmin PostgreSQL Tools for feature-rich open-source administration and development platform for PostgreSQL.
  • Beginner of AspNet Core developers who interested in APIs and Microservices
  • C# developers interested in learning how to build Microservices on .Net
  • Senior Developers who want to engage with Microservices on .Net

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