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You may be familiar with the Rust Programming Language – a contemporary systems language celebrated for its exceptional speed, assured memory safety without relying on a garbage collector, and, perhaps most notably, its enjoyable coding experience. With a thriving community and robust tooling, it’s no surprise that Rust has consistently been voted the most beloved programming language for five consecutive years. Rust serves as a testament to the idea that systems programmers can indeed enjoy top-notch programming tools.

This course is designed to immerse you in the fundamentals of Rust, offering a distinctive learning experience compared to conventional courses. Rather than bouncing between disparate concepts in each video and showcasing examples unrelated to real-world applications, our approach revolves around hands-on practice.

Throughout the course, we will collaboratively construct genuine Rust applications, introducing new concepts precisely when needed to address practical challenges. This method ensures a direct and applicable learning journey, fostering a deep understanding of Rust through real-world problem-solving.

Learn Rust by Building Real Applications free download
  • Basic Computer Science Knowledge
  • Experience in at least one other programming language
  • The fundamentals of the Rust Programming Language
  • Low level memory management
  • Rust’s unique approach to memory safety
  • How to troubleshoot common compiler errors

Developers interested in a safe systems programming language

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