Selenium WebDriver 4 With Python – Novice To Ninja Free Download shares free “Selenium WebDriver 4 With Python – Novice To Ninja” courses, high-speed download links. You’ll learn Selenium with Python, learn how to implement an automation framework from scratch using real web application

Python Programming Language is the fastest growing programming language within both the fields, development and testing. QA industry is rapidly progressing to move on with Python Programming Language for all the automation needs because of the flexibility it offers.

Covering an extensive array of subjects, this course encompasses Selenium WebDriver fundamentals and advanced topics, Python programming concepts, Unittest and Pytest frameworks, automation framework design (including Page Objects, Data-Driven methods, and CSV file handling), logging infrastructure, cross-browser testing, and interview preparation. All course materials, including code files, are provided for comprehensive learning.

Selenium WebDriver 4 With Python - Novice To Ninja
  • Windows/MAC computer
  • Browsers (Firefox or Chrome)
  • NO AUTOMATION / CODING EXPERIENCE NEEDED, beginners will be easily able to follow this course
  • Python Programming Language concepts are covered in the course, no experience needed
  • All the required installation are covered in the lectures and documentation has been uploaded to the course

Upon completion of this course, you will acquire a comprehensive understanding of Web Automation Frameworks. You will possess the capability to articulate, devise, and execute well-structured automation frameworks. Additionally, you will be proficient in spearheading independent Selenium Automation Projects. Equipped with essential skills, you will adeptly automate various web applications and gain practical experience in the Python Programming Language.

Furthermore, you will master the art of crafting efficient testing code, enabling you to conduct thorough cross-browser testing. Your knowledge base will encompass a solid grasp of Unittest and Pytest Frameworks. With these acquired skills and expertise, you will find yourself well-prepared to excel in Selenium Automation interviews, significantly enhancing your job prospects.

  • Quality Assurance professionals and Manual testers looking to start career on test automation
  • Quality Assurance Automation professionals to intensify their current test automation skill sets
  • Fresh Graduates who want to make a dream career in software engineering
  • Quality Assurance Team leads and Managers

Download: Selenium WebDriver with Java -Basics to Advanced + Frameworks



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