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Explore the “Crafting Robust REST APIs with Spring” course. I introduced my initial Spring REST tutorials more than four years ago. Following interactions with over 900,000 readers and addressing over a thousand individual queries through email, it dawned on me that a significant void existed in the tutorial landscape. Understanding the intricacies of constructing a quality API proved challenging, and my quest for resources to expedite the process yielded limited results. It took me three years, involvement in the creation of over 10 production-ready APIs from scratch, and a series of valuable mistakes to grasp the essence of building an exceptional API.

Baeldung: Build Your REST API with Spring Free Download

While tutorials and code snippets were available, a coherent guide navigating the complexities of constructing a mature Spring API was notably absent. The educational divide between API novices and professionals persisted. The digital terrain has undergone substantial transformations in recent years, witnessing an exponential surge in REST APIs. Presently, the majority of intricate applications necessitate API exposure, and this demand continues to escalate. These APIs are often public, underscoring the importance of getting them right initially, as modifications can be prohibitively costly. There has never been a more opportune moment to delve into the nuances of mastering REST with Spring.

  • Web configuration
  • User Management Project: A Complete API
  • Basics of input validation
  • UI and Basic REST project from AngularJS
  • Certificates and HTTPS for Tomcat
  • How to test HTTP semantics
  • Advanced scenarios with Spring HATEOAS
  • And …

Update: 06/2020

Download: Frontend Masters – TypeScript 5 Fundamentals v4



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