Build 7 Real-Time Salesforce (LWC) Projects Free Download shares free “Build 7 Real-Time Salesforce (LWC) Projects Free Download” courses, high-speed download links. This course’ll help you go from Basics to Advance LWC with 7 real-time projects

The demand for Salesforce skills is high, particularly in the realm of Lightning Web Components (LWC). However, many developers lack hands-on experience with LWC. This course is designed to assist individuals seeking to enhance their LWC proficiency or those in search of employment opportunities but lacking tangible projects to showcase. The projects you undertake in this course can be proudly featured on your resume, providing you with concrete examples to share with recruiters or potential employers.

In this course, we will build 7 projects:

1. BMI Calculator App

2. Alarm Clock App

3. Currency Converter App

4. Weather App

5. Employee Survey App

6. Note-taking App

7. Personal Portfolio

Build 7 Real-Time Salesforce (LWC) Projects Free Download

If you’re a newcomer to any web development framework, there’s no need to fret. Explore my alternative course, “Zero to Hero in LWC,” which initiates from the fundamentals (ground zero). This course is designed to guide you through the basics and help you grasp the essentials of coding web components.

  • A PC with Windows or Linux or Mac with stable internet
  • Basic knowledge of the Salesforce platform and LWC
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS
  • Willingness to learn & Grow
  • Experience Site with LWR Template
  • Enable Website to Guest user
  • Building and exposing LWC component to Experience site
  • Layout designing using HTML and styling using CSS
  • Responsive designing
  • Styling variables, SLDS library, Styling hooks
  • Static resources in CSS and JS
  • Form building with HTML Validation
  • Building reusable components
  • Component communication and Parent to child communication
  • Adding music in LWC
  • Calling API through LWC
  • Calling API through APEX
  • Wire service, Wire Adapters
  • lightning record forms
  • Calling Apex Imperative and refresh Apex data
  • Survey Building and Publish
  • CRUD Using APEX and LWC
  • Using lightning tab, lightning accordion
  • lighting datatable, modal component
  • Banner, social media icons and so on
  • Looking for a job change in Salesforce
  • Salesforce Professionals
  • Salesforce Developers who wants to build cool projects in LWC

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