WordPress Plugin Development – Build 14 Plugins

WordPress Plugin Development – Build 14 Plugins Free Download. Learn powerful WordPress development with plugins, APIs, hooks, the WP-Admin & more with free starter plugins to improve

WordPress Plugin Development – Build 14 Plugins Description


  • Basic WordPress Skills
  • Basic HTML and CSS
  • Basic PHP a plus, but not required

Advanced WordPress Topics: Post Types Taxonomies & Metaboxes

What you’ll learn

  • Develop powerful WordPress plugins: Both basic and advanced
  • Program using popular WordPress APIs
  • Learn how to leverage over 20 powerful WordPress hooks through your theme and plugins and how to leverage them to manipulate WordPress without editing the core
  • Restrict the WordPress back end menu item from any group of users
  • Modify content from posts and pages on the fly
  • Add links and new menus to the WordPress admin bar
  • Learn WordPress hooks and why they are so important for theme and plugin programming.
  • Hide certain dashboard widgets from any user
  • Add new fields to user profile pages and save them automatically when the user submits their information.
  • How to add, update and delete WordPress metadata without one line of MySQL
  • Create a social media plugin that allows the administrator to enter addresses for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. The plugin will both create a widget using the Widget API and a template tag that can be added to any theme.
  • Create new thumbnail sizes and access them from the WordPress media manager and your themes
  • Display messages to other administrators, writers, editors and contributors in the WordPress back
  • Secure your WordPress back end by redirecting unauthorized users back to the home page preventing even hackers can break in with brute force attacks
  • Creating your own WordPress dashboard widgets from scratch
  • Store persistent data in the WordPress database through transients using the Transients API
  • Insert posts and pages automatically behind the scenes.
  • User login detection

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in becoming a more powerful WordPress developer
  • Any WordPress admin with minimal knowledge of PHP
  • Programmers wanting to expand their plugin programming expertise

WordPress Plugin Development – Build 14 PluginsFree Download


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