Wes Bos – Learn Node!

Wes Bos – Learn Node!
Wes Bos – Learn Node! Free Download. The best way to learn server-side JavaScript!
Wes Bos – Learn Node!  is a premium training course to learn to build apps with Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and friends. Node.js, Express, MongoDB and friends are some of the most in-demand web development skills. This course is the cumulation of everything I’ve learned building dozens of Node.js applications over the past five years. With a focus on modern JavaScript and real world application, Learn Node is an efficient way to add server side JavaScript to your skill-set and start building the applications you have been dreaming about.

Wes Bos – Learn Node! Description

Together we will build “Now That’s Delicious!”, a full stack restaurant application which users can searchgeolocatereview and curate their favourite restaurants from around the world. The application has three main models — Users, Stores and Reviews — all of which are relational. It is designed to hit upon many of today’s application needs such as user authentication, database storage, Ajax REST API, file upload and image resizing.
This course is done in ES6 so there is liberal use of arrow functions, template strings, destructuring and other ES6 goodies. If you haven’t done much ES6, you’ll have an easier time with the course if you do at least the first half of my ES6 for Everyone course first. This isn’t JavaScript 101. You should have knowledge of how functions, variables, Objects, Arrays and other fundamentals work.
  • Front End Devs looking to go Full Stack
  • Existing server side developers looking to understand the Node stack.
  • WordPress developers looking for a little more control
  • JS developers looking to advance their career.
  • Existing Node.js developers looking to fill in any gaps and update to modern workflows and design patterns.
  • Anyone who wants to get better at JavaScript and learns well from seeing both fundamental and advanced concepts in practice.

Wes Bos – Learn Node! Free Download

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