Web Developer Bootcamp with Flask and Python

Web Developer Bootcamp with Flask and Python

Web Developer Bootcamp with Flask and Python Free Download. Become a Full Stack Web Developer using Flask, Python, HTML, CSS, and MongoDB!

Web Developer Bootcamp with Flask and Python Description.


  • Some programming experience required! Although I’ve included a comprehensive Python Refresher section in this course, you should know the fundamentals of programming like variables, loops, and functions.
  • A computer with access to the internet
  • No software or payment information required. Everything I use is free and I’ll guide you through installing anything you need!

What you’ll learn

  • Build any feature on any website!
  • Design, develop, and deploy engaging web applications using Flask, Python, and web languages
  • Create your own portfolio website and showcase all the projects you’ll build in this course!
  • Become a true HTML and CSS professional without the need for complicated JavaScript, or stop-gap solutions like Bootstrap and jQuery
  • Build complete, dynamic websites for your freelance projects or business
  • Publish your websites online with PythonAnywhere (for free) and DigitalOcean
  • Connect your Python applications to a MongoDB database on the cloud for easy and simple data storage
  • Implement user authentication on your websites using Flask sessions
  • Become a master of Flask and Python for web development, including using blueprints, the object model approach, an ORM, and much more!

Who this course is for:

  • Python developers who want to start sharing their projects online via websites
  • Anyone who has learned a bit about programming, and wants to become a full stack web developer
  • Business professionals and startup founders who want to build websites for their business

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Web Developer Bootcamp with Flask and Python Free Download


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