Ultimate Rust Crash Course

Ultimate Rust Crash Course

Ultimate Rust Crash Course Free Download. Rust Programming Fundamentals

Ultimate Rust Crash Course Description

Rust is a systems programming language that eliminates entire classes of bugs and security vulnerabilities, has zero-cost abstractions like C and C++, is fun to program in, and lets systems programmers have nice things. No wonder Rust is gaining traction in spaces as diverse as game engines, high-performance computing, embedded devices, and web programming! Learn how to write high-performance code without the worry of crashes or security vulnerabilities. Join a vibrant community of developers where diversity, inclusion, and just plain being nice are all first-class objectives.


  • A basic understanding of general programming concepts
  • An basic knowledge of any programming language (For example Python, C, C++, Javascript, or Ruby)

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What you’ll learn

  • Rust language fundamentals
  • Rust tooling and ecosystem
  • Systems programming
  • Fun tips and tricks

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring systems programmers, software developers, engineers, wizards, warriors, and hobbits
  • Any developer who needs to run code fast, efficiently, securely, under tight restraints, or with a minimum of bugs.

Ultimate Rust Crash Course Free Download


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