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Course Overview

  • Introduction, Philosophy, and Tips
  • Projects (What you’ll build)
  • State of React

We’ll start the course off with some housekeeping items. You’ll learn about the best strategy for getting the most out of the course as well as what you’ll build and the current state of React.

The Road to Hello World

  • Everything you should know about NPM
  • (Quiz) NPM
  • Webpack: A Gentle Introduction
  • (Quiz) Webpack
  • (Project) First Component
  • (Bonus) React Elements vs React Components
  • JSX Tips for Beginners
  • (Quiz) JSX

There’s more to learning how to build React apps than React itself. In this section you’ll learn those topics which include NPM and Webpack.

Rendering Lists

  • Rendering Lists in React
  • (Quiz) Lists
  • (Practice) Lists
  • (Solution) Lists
  • (Project) Popular Navar

As a front-end developer, you eventually come to the reality that you’re a glorified list creator. In this section you’ll learn how to create performant lists in React.

Functional Components

  • Pure Functions
  • (Quiz) Pure Functions
  • (Project) Language Nav

With React there are two ways to create components. In this section, you’ll learn one of those ways utilizing pure functions.

The Component Lifecycle

  • The React Component Lifecycle
  • (Quiz) The Component Lifecycle
  • (Project) Fetch Repos
  • (Project) Caching Repos
  • React Icons
  • (Project) Repos Grid

React exposes various methods that allow you to hook into the component life-cycle. In this section you’ll learn what those methods are as well as pitfalls to avoid.

Composition with React children

  • children in React
  • (Project) Reusable Card Component
  • (Project) Profile List
  • (Project) Reset Players

Composition is at the heart of React. In this section you’ll learn about React’s ‘children’ feature which allows you to compose components more elegantly.


  • Check in

Everything after this section is what I would consider ‘Advanced React’. This section is to make sure you’re where you need to be to continue on.

Bypassing Props with React Context

  • React Context
  • (Quiz) Context
  • (Project) Theme Provider
  • (Project) Toggle Theme
  • (Project) Consume Theme

Sometimes you need to pass data deep into the component tree. In this section you’ll learn how to do that using React’s context feature.

Better Classes with Class Fields

  • Class Fields
  • (Quiz) Class Fields
  • (Project) Migrating to Class Fields

In this section you’ll learn how to utilize JavaScript’s new Class Fields feature to make your React components more concise.

Production Builds and Hosting

  • Building React Apps for Production
  • (Quiz) Building for Production
  • (Project) Production Build
  • (Project) Hosting with Netlify

What’s the point of building an app if you can’t host it? In this section you’ll not only learn how to host a React application, but first how to build your React app for production to make it more performant.

React Overview

  • Why React?
  • The React Ecosystem
  • (Bonus) Imperative vs Declarative Programming
  • (Bonus) Composition vs Inheritance

Whenever you learn a new tool, you should first ask yourself why it’s necessary. If you can’t answer that question, you may not need it. In this section, we’ll answer that question in regards to React as well as cover some other programming fundamentals that React utilizes.

Passing Data to Components

  • Introduction to Props
  • (Quiz) Props
  • (Practice) Props
  • (Solution) Props

With any component based system you need a way to pass data into component. In this section, we’ll cover how to do that in React with props.

Managing State

  • The ‘this’ keyword: Intro and Implicit Binding
  • The ‘this’ keyword: Explicit binding with .call, .apply, and .bind
  • The ‘this’ keyword: ‘new’, ‘lexical’, and ‘window’ binding
  • (Quiz) The ‘this’ Keyword
  • Managing State in React
  • (Quiz) State in React
  • (Practice) State
  • (Solution) State
  • (Project) Navbar State

Components managing their own state is part of what makes React so special. In this section you’ll learn how to do that as well as some pitfalls to watch out for.

Validating Props with PropTypes

  • PropTypes
  • (Practice) PropTypes
  • (Solution) PropTypes
  • (Project) Language Nav PropTypes

Things go wrong when you get your types mixed up. In this section you’ll learn how to minimize that by using PropTypes.

Handling Form State

  • (Project) Battle Instructions
  • Forms in React: Controlled vs Uncontrolled Components
  • (Project) Player Input
  • (Project) Render PlayerInput
  • (Project) Player Preview
  • (Project) Results Skeleton
  • (Project) API
  • (Project) Results Data
  • (Project) Results UI

Handling form state can be different than handling component state in React. In this section you’ll learn both approaches as well as their tradeoffs.

Building Reusable Components

  • Default Props
  • (Project) Loading Component

What good would a component model be without reusability. In this section you’ll learn how to create highly reusable React components.

Code Sharing in React

  • Higher Order Components
  • (Quiz) Higher Order Components
  • (Project) Tooltip
  • (Project) withHover Higher Order Component
  • React Render Props
  • (Quiz) Render Props
  • (Project) Hover Render Prop

The problem is coupling UI to a component is it makes it hard to reshare non-visual logic. In this section you’ll learn two strategies for best accomplishing that – Higher-order components and Render Props.

React Router

  • Introduction to React Router
  • (Project) Adding Routes
  • (Project) Navbar
  • React Router Query Strings
  • (Project) Query Strings
  • 404 with React Router
  • (Project) 404

React Router is the most popular routing solution for React. In this section you’ll learn its philosophy as well as how to use it.

Performance Gains with Code Splitting

  • Code Splitting with React Router v4
  • (Quiz) Code Splitting
  • (Project) Code Split

In this section you’ll learn how to code split your applications for increased performance gains.

Bonus Time

  • (Bonus) React Interview Questions
  • (Bonus) React ‘AHA’ Moments
  • Next Steps

In this section you’ll learn everything else about React that you need to know that didn’t fit into the normal flow of the course.

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