Udemy – Next.js Dev to Deployment

Udemy – Next.js Dev to Deployment Free Download. Learn Next.js by building a music event website

Udemy – Next.js Dev to Deployment Description

Next.js is a framework for building server-side rendered React websites as well as static websites. This is a project-based course for learning Next.js. We will build a music events application that will give you the foundational knowledge that you need to create your own applications. We will use Strapi (a headless CMS) as our backend but you could just as well use anything


  • Modern JavaScript
  • The basics of React

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What you’ll learn

  • Build a music event application from start to finish
  • Learn the fundamentals of NextJS
  • Create a backend using Strapi CMS
  • JWT Authentication / HttpOnly Cookie Storage
  • Pagination, search, image uploading with Cloudinary
  • Static site generation

Who this course is for:

  • People that want to learn NextJS
  • Learn the foundations to build a full stack application with CRUD, pagination, authentication and more

Udemy – Next.js Dev to Deployment Free Download


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