Udacity – UX Designer Nanodegree v.1.0.0

Udacity – UX Designer Nanodegree v.1.0.0 Free Download. Design impactful user experiences for products in today’s digital world. Build a portfolio that showcases your ability to transform user research to high-fidelity interactive designs.

Udacity – UX Designer Nanodegree v.1.0.0 Description

You’ll learn how to create a digital user experience that is ready to be handed off for development. You’ll start by building familiarity and fluency with design research fundamentals to identify the user and the solutions they need. You’ll then synthesize your research, and use design sprints to take an idea from concept to low-fidelity prototype.

Finally, you’ll learn how to turn your low-fidelity prototype into a high-fidelity design, and improve its performance based on data. Along the way, you’ll complete projects that can be incorporated into a UX portfolio at the end of the program in order to showcase your capabilities to future employers.

Udacity – UX Designer Nanodegree v.1.0.0 Free Download


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