[TinyHouse] A Fullstack React Masterclass with TypeScript and GraphQL

[TinyHouse] A Fullstack React Masterclass with TypeScript and GraphQL Free Download. Learn advanced React, Node, TypeScript, and GraphQL by building a production-ready application in this 8-week, self-paced, online course.

[TinyHouse] A Fullstack React Masterclass with TypeScript and GraphQL Description

What You’ll Build

In this detailed Fullstack Masterclass, you’ll build a production-ready home sharing application, inspired by sites like Airbnb.

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How to create a Node.js GraphQL API

We’ll build a GraphQL in Node.js from scratch
…and then upgrade to Apollo Server

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Create React UI with GraphQL Data

Using Apollo Client we’ll integrate our GraphQL queries and mutations into our React app (using hooks)

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Utilize Apollo to make GraphQL requests

Using Apollo Client we’ll call GraphQL mutations (using hooks)

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Avoid bugs with TypeScript

Both our client and our server will be implemented in TypeScript

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We’ll use a Geo-location API to allow searching for listings by physical location

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Accept Payments with Stripe

Using Stripe, we’ll configure the front-end and server to take payments

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Create Gorgeous Pages

Creating intuitive and presentable UI isn’t easy. We’ll see how CSS component frameworks let us create beautiful pages (without being a designer)

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Tackle Authentication

Authentication can be difficult to get right, but we show each step to integrate our server and client to allow login with Google or any OAuth 2.0 provider

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Learn Efficient Pagination

See how offset-based pagination can easily be implemented with MongoDB and the Apollo framework.

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Build Complex Forms


Handle form validation with React Hooks and Ant Design’s intuitive, form-based components.

React Styled Components Tutorial and Project Course

10 Things You’ll Learn

  1. How to create a GraphQL API in Node.js, with Apollo Server, from scratch.
  2. Gain confidence to build robust production-ready applications.
  3. Build large-scale React applications with 2020 techniques (e.g. Hooks).
  4. Utilize React Apollo and the Apollo CLI to handle GraphQL requests from React.
  5. Avoid bugs by using TypeScript to write strongly-typed code.
  6. Persist data with both MongoDB and PostgreSQL.
  7. Handle payments with Stripe.
  8. Learn how to deploy applications hassle-free with Heroku.
  9. Tackle the complexity of authentication by using the industry-standard OAuth 2.0 (Google Sign-In).
  10. Enable location searching with the powerful Google’s Geocode API.

[TinyHouse] A Fullstack React Masterclass with TypeScript and GraphQL Free Download


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