Timcorey – Getting Started with .NET Core

Timcorey – Getting Started with .NET Core Free Download. Launch into .NET Core with confidence by learning how to create .NET Core applications the right way.

Timcorey – Getting Started with .NET Core Description

Do you want a head start in .NET Core? This is how you get it. Whether you have never heard of .NET Core before or you have been dabbling in it for a while now, this course will explain how to use .NET Core, how to build it, and what to look for when you create a new application. Topics such as Console applications, MVC applications, Razor Pages, API, and more will all be covered.

Not sure if .NET Core is right for you? Well, Microsoft is. While the .NET Framework will be supported for a long time yet, going forward Microsoft is pushing people towards .NET Core. The reason isn’t just because of cross-platform compatibility. Watch the first video (which is free) to get a better idea of why .NET Core is so important.

Everything done in this course will be cross-platform compatible. That means you can also develop these applications using a Mac or Linux machine. All of the demonstrations in this course were done with Visual Studio 2019 but they can also be done in Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio for Mac.

Timcorey – Getting Started with .NET Core Free Download


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