The Ultimate Guide to Lightroom Classic Workflow

The Ultimate Guide to Lightroom Classic Workflow
The Ultimate Guide to Lightroom Classic Workflow Free Download.
You got into photography to capture beautiful images, but that’s only half the battle. When you’re taking thousands of images, you need something to help organize, choose favorites, edit, and share them with the world. In this tutorial, we break down our Lightroom Classic workflow for importing, culling, editing, exporting, and protecting your images. Learn to batch process entire folders, send pictures over to Photoshop for more intense edits, improve your photoshoots using tethered capture, and more!

The Ultimate Guide to Lightroom Classic Workflow Description

How to Use Lightroom CC

In this series, we cover everything you need to know to make Lightroom the backbone of your editing workflow. From organization, to keyboard shortcuts for rating your photos, to batch processing an entire folder of work, we cover all the bases.

Importing & Exporting

The post-production process has countless steps. Organization, color correction, retouching, resizing, protecting your images with copyright, backup – the list is endless. We want to make your post-processing workflow smarter and smoother than ever, from import to export. That means more time for you to spend on the things that you love.

File Structure, Organization & Workflow

Are you flooded with over 1,000 new photos from a recent shoot? Or maybe you’re looking for a specific photo from 10 years ago? You got into photography to capture great images. Having a great system to organize those photos will make sure you never lose them. Ever. We break down our preferred methods for catalog management and organization.
PH Learn – The Beginner’s Guide to Lightroom Classic

Lightroom Mobile

The post-production process doesn’t have to wait until you’re back at home or back in the studio. With Lightroom Mobile, you can flag your favorite images, make detailed edits, and share your work with clients and social media. Once you’re back at your computer, Lightroom will pull in all of the changes so you can pick up right where you left off.

RAW Processing

With so many options and so much flexibility, working with RAW can be intimidating. We walk you through a RAW workflow that will help you quickly identify the changes you need to make and apply those changes across any number of other photos. Take advantage of the power of RAW, faster and easier than ever!

Local Editing

Editing comes in all shapes and sizes. Local editing involves digging into the details – sharpening eyes, retouching hair, removing small distractions and blemishes – anything that involves only making adjustments to part of an image. We break down all of the tools in Lightroom to work all the way down to the pixel level to help your images look their best.

The Ultimate Guide to Lightroom Classic Workflow Free Download

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