The Macroeconomics Course 2020 Free Download

The Macroeconomics Course 2020. Aggregate Output and Economic Growth. Business Cycles. Monetary and Fiscal Policy. International Trade and Capital Flows

Do I need to study Macroeconomics?

Yes, you do!

Macroeconomics explores the scope and behavior of the economy as a whole. If you can’t wait to learn how countries “generate” national output, why unemployment prevents economic growth, and how to measure inflation, we have good news – this course is tailored just for you!

The main benefit of the course is that it helps you understand the causes and effects of nations’ economic decisions. After completing it, you’ll become a well-versed and knowledgeable participant in the current globalized markets.

In fact, the course facilitates individuals who just want to cushion themselves from the upcoming economic uncertainty. Knowledge is the most powerful weapon for all, especially in times of crisis!

We will tackle four main areas of Macroeconomics with practical examples and challenges aiming to reinforce what you have learned. The course is beautifully animated, easy to follow and interactive. Our goal is to deliver the ultimate training experience for you! Here they are:

The Macroeconomics Course 2020 Description


  • No prior experience is required. We will start from the very basics.

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What you’ll learn

  • Acquire a solid understanding of key economic relationships
  • Understand business cycles
  • Explain economic growth indicators
  • Learn about the benefits and costs of international trade
  • Understand the rationale behind Monetary and Fiscal Policy
  • How Macroeconomics facilitate financial analysis

Who this course is for:

  • University students in Economics, Business, Finance
  • Everyone interested in economic trends, capital markets, and investments
  • Financial analysts

The Macroeconomics Course 2020 Free Download

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