The Complete Regular Expressions Course For Beginners

The Complete Regular Expressions Course For Beginners

The Complete Regular Expressions Course For Beginners. Regular Expressions (Regex) for Java,Linux,JavaScript,Python or other languages, with 30 illustrated exercises/examples.

Regular expressions(regex) is a moderately difficult topic to grasp, as well as teach. It is really important that you grasp the core concepts thoroughly. Once you get the fundamentals right, regular expressions(regex) will come naturally to you. I struggled to learn regular expressions(regex) myself a couple of decades back.

I completely understand the pain points. I have seen tons of free youtube videos on regular expressions(regex), but they all fail in something fundamental. They do NOT care about getting the basics right. I have taken immense efforts to prepare this course material. Each and every concept, each and every exercise, has been meticulously planned in such a way that it sticks to your brain easily.

I have created graphical illustrations wherever possible to drive home the point. Each of the 30 examples come with graphical illustrations on how the regex techniques are applied in a step-by-step way, to come up with a solution.

The Complete Regular Expressions Course For Beginners Description


  • All you need is a PC and any tool or programming language of your choice,that has a regex engine. Even notepad++ will do!

Build Real world application with Blazor (.NET Core 3.1)

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Regular Expressions(regex) – A must have skills for an IT professional or a data scientist today.
  • Understand the core concepts. Once you understand the core concepts, regular expressions(regex) are a piece of cake!
  • Once you learn the basic technique, you can apply your knowledge of regex to any programming language like Java, Python, JavaScript, Linux command line etc.
  • Avoid rote learning, and follow beautifully designed illustrations to understand the core techniques of regular expressions(regex).
  • 30 hands on examples; Each example comes with a step-by-step solution, with graphical illustrations.
  • Follow a well defined step-by-step process , exclusively designed by yours truly, which will enable you to create, use and apply regular expressions(regex) in any scenario that calls for it.
  • Hands-on sessions for multiple regex engines like Java, grep etc. The techniques will be taught in such a way, that you can apply it to ANY regex engine of your choice.
  • Follow standards while learning, so that the regex techniques that you learn in this course can be applied to any standard regex engine like Java, Python, Javascript, grep, sed etc.
  • Take up regex challenges once you have grasped the core concepts.
  • The whole course is scripted to perfection with subtitles.
  • Hand-typed subtitles are provided, which are 100% accurate. The auto generated speech-to-text subtitles are usually of not much use because of low accuracy

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Regular Expressions(regex) inside out and apply them to solve day-to-day problems, Programmers, Developers, or even anyone who deals with data like data scientists etc.

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