SQL Server Master Series – Beginner Course

SQL Server Master Series – Beginner Course

SQL Server Master Series – Beginner Course Free Download. The important first steps for those who are beginning their database journey.

SQL Server Master Series – Beginner Course Description

This course is for you if you want lecture-style and hands-on experience with SQL. We start off every section with a presentation, and then we let the student go hands-on, where they follow us in the tool used to create queries and retrieve and view the returned data from the database. Each section is also a task that the student will have to solve to reinforce the knowledge.


  • No prior knowledge of SQL is necessary
  • Have a Windows computer available to follow along

What you’ll learn

  • SQL syntax – specifically Microsoft’s dialect – but this course can be the basis for all SQL dialects.
  • How to download and install SQL Server on your computer
  • How to use and install SQL Server Management Studio as an interface to your SQL Server installation.
  • Learn to write queries to retrieve data from one or more tables or views

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner SQL Server learners
  • Beginners of the SQL language in general – no dialect is the same, but SQL Server is a good starting point
  • Anybody who at some point will come in contact with databases at their workplace
  • Those who want to retrieve their own data from databases, and not rely on others to help them out every single time

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SQL Server Master Series – Beginner Course Free Download


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