SOLID Principles of Object-Oriented Design and Architecture

SOLID Principles of Object-Oriented Design and Architecture. Master SOLID principles and embrace clean and maintainable software architecture

In this course you’re going to master SOLID principles of object-oriented design and architecture. You’ll understand each of these principles in details and learn to apply them in real-world software systems. You’ll also learn the WHY of SOLID principles and understand what benefits you get out of them.

SOLID principles were distilled about 20 years ago, but the body of knowledge they incorporate is even older than that. These five principles embody at least 40 years of academic research and industry experience with software design and architecture. They constitute a universal framework which aims to achieve higher-quality software.

SOLID principles constitute strong foundation and provide actionable guidelines for writing clean and maintainable code. SOLID code is flexible, extensible and readable. Such code is much more pleasant to work with and constitutes a valid reason for professional pride.

SOLID Principles of Object-Oriented Design and Architecture Description


  • Professional experience with at least one object-oriented language

SOLID Principles Introducing Software Architecture & Design

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the fundamental theory of SOLID principles
  • See the impact of each SOLID principle on the architecture of software systems
  • Understand the scope and the limitations of SOLID principles
  • Discover the benefits of abstractions in software development
  • Learn popular architectural patterns based on SOLID principles
  • Stay pragmatic and avoid over-engineering

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who want to understand software architecture and write clean and maintainable applications

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