SOLID Principles Introducing Software Architecture & Design

SOLID Principles Introducing Software Architecture & Design. Gain mastery over SOLID Principles and write clean and well-designed code in Object Oriented Languages like Java etc.

Anyone can code. But what differentiates a professional software engineer from a hobbyist coder is how well-designed and well-coded the final product is. Code quality is hard to come by. Unfortunately, most coders start straight without understanding basic concepts of software design. This course will help a budding coder, as well as an established programmer who wants to learn better design and write quality code.

It is really important that you grasp the core concepts of SOLID thoroughly. Once you get the fundamentals right, writing quality code will come naturally to you.There are tons of free YouTube videos on SOLID, but they try to teach you in bits and pieces, and don’t pick the right analogies and code snippets. What you need is a holistic picture, which is what this course aims to provide. I have spent considerable time and effort to come up with the content for this course. Each and every concept, each and every analogy, each and every code example has been meticulously picked in such a way the design principles stick to your mind. I have used graphical illustrations and real world analogies wherever possible to drive home the point.

SOLID Principles Introducing Software Architecture & Design Description


  • Beginner level knowledge in any object oriented programming language.
  • Basic object oriented concepts like inheritance etc.

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What you’ll learn

  • Anyone can code, but quality code is hard to come by. Make yourself stand out by learning how to write quality code.
  • Learn basic software architecture by applying SOLID principles.
  • Apply SOLID principles in order to write quality code, as a software engineer.
  • Well-crafted illustrations to help understand the basic concepts. Minimal bullet point slides.
  • Learn what differentiates elegant and robust code from badly designed code.
  • Get the concepts right using real world analogies.
  • Live sessions where existing code is analyzed and design holes are picked.
  • Hands-on sessions where existing code is re-designed and revamped after applying SOLID design principles.

Who this course is for:

  • Programmers who want to write quality code.
  • Developers who want to create well-designed software.
  • Wannabe software architects.

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