Software Requirement Engineering (SRE)

Software Requirement Engineering (SRE)

Software Requirement Engineering (SRE) Free Download. Complete Software Requirements Engineering course for beginners.

Software Requirement Engineering (SRE) Free Description


  • You are interested in getting knowledge about software engineering.
  • Want to get something new about gathering requirements.
  • Want to work in the field of software engineering.
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What you’ll learn

  • Student will be able to learn about software, its requirements and how to process them.
  • Different types of requirements.
  • Process models for requirements engineering.
  • Processes of requirements engineering.
  • Actors and stakeholders in requirements engineering.
  • Requirements Elicitation and its techniques approaches and tools.
  • Requirements Analyst and their tasks.
  • Business process modeling notations.
  • How to engineer software requirements.
  • Story boarding and its types.
  • How to do requirement Analysis.
  • Requirement negotiation.
  • How to write requirements.
  • A project of school management system.

Who this course is for:

  • Students related to the field of software Engineering.
  • Students related to field of business analyst
  • Students who can understand English and Urdu Hindi languages

Software Requirement Engineering (SRE) Free Download

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