Smart Marketing with Price Psychology Free Download

Smart Marketing with Price Psychology. Improve online marketing success with fundamental psychological pricing research for your business and marketing

Getting people to buy something is hard. So many things can happen in a customer’s mind that factor into the purchase decision. This course turns to solid scientific research in psychology to uncover tricks and hacks you can use to increase sales by massaging one fundamental element: the price.

In this course we consider six major strategies you can use to your marketing pursuits by using real data from price psychology. Within each one are many individual things that make prices more appealing, totaling more than 30 psychological price effects that will strengthen your offline and online marketing campaigns.

Smart Marketing with Price Psychology Description


  • You should be open to using psychological research to optimize your business.
  • You do not already need to know anything about psychology.

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What you’ll learn

  • Price your product or service to maximize revenue
  • Understand how consumers perceive and think about prices
  • Run promotions that make people think they’re getting an amazing deal
  • Think about your full set of products and services in ways that maximize earnings

Who this course is for:

  • If you’re selling anything, you need to know how people are perceiving your price. This applies to people selling both online and offline, and it applies just as well to physical products as it does to service-based businesses.
  • If you want to increase the likelihood that people will buy from you without changing anything about the goods themselves, this course is vital.

Smart Marketing with Price Psychology Free Download

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