Sales Skills Mastery – An Immediate Increase In Your Results

Sales Skills Mastery – An Immediate Increase In Your Results. A practical – real world! Sales Course … Designed by and for Salespeople – to increase Sales Results and Hit Target

However long you’ve been in Business to Business sales, the Exceed9 Selling Skills Programme is for sales people wanting to immediately increase sales results and for sales managers who are looking to improve their team with some practical tools and skills that will work straight away!

Written for sales people, by salespeople (us) who use all of this ourselves, (we know it works!) – Exceed9 Selling Skills cuts through the usual ‘hot air’ associated with ‘normal’ sales training development.

We give you hundreds of ways to help you become the ‘best salesperson ever!’ Making it worth your while and helping you smash your sales targets; exceed your income expectations; gain recognition for your efforts by your peers/managers. And enjoy the rich rewards of your sales success.

We will help you develop a more powerful and compelling sales approach using all nine elements. Not only will they help you become more memorable, but they will also help you achieve the maximum from every sales contact you have.

Sales Skills Mastery – An Immediate Increase In Your Results Description


  • Computer to watch Videos | Printer to print off downloads and workbooks
  • Have an Open Mind on new ideas to help you sell!
  • Be prepared to work through the process and agree to implement ideas that will work for you in your area of commerce
  • Be ready to increase your sales results – immediately!
  • Impress your customers and prospects – your colleagues and your boss

Sales skills master closing sales skills to close any sale Free Download

What you’ll learn

  • Understand how to sell most effectively and smash your sales targets in a B2B environment!
  • Map all the ideas into your own selling situation and apply them straight away
  • Download lots of practical tools to help you improve your own sales success
  • Use a progressive approach to building your selling skills – donload the Exceed9 Selling Skills Workbook to help you keep on track
  • See how all these simple, yet powerful techniques can be factored into the way that you work, with immediate success!
  • Take the Exceed9 Assessment and when successful, receive the much coveted Exceed9 Accreditation
  • Succeed in Sales!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is either new to B2B Selling, or wants to get even better
  • Underpins the more advanced sales programme for those who are very experienced
  • It’s also very good for those who have been selling for a while and want to see how they can improve still further
  • We will also be building an advanced version for those who have been selling for a long time. However, there are also some great points contained within this course that will challenge ANY sales person of any age or experience!

Sales Skills Mastery – An Immediate Increase In Your Results Free Download

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