Rhino 3D V6 ( or V5 ) Level 2 Ship Surfacing

Rhino 3D V6 ( or V5 ) Level 2 Ship Surfacing

Rhino 3D V6 ( or V5 ) Level 2 Ship Surfacing Free Download. Expanding on your Rhino 3D skills.

Rhino 3D V6 ( or V5 ) Level 2 Ship Surfacing Description

This video tutorial is intended for those who wish to expand their surfacing knowledge using Rhino 3D. A step by step video showing the many tools that are at your disposal to create a complex assembly using an X bow ship as the subject of studies. After surfacing the ship s hull we will learn about using blocks and how to update them and finally we will spend time doing a rendering using Vray for Rhino.


  • This is an ADVANCED level ( level 2 ) course. I assume you’re already familiar with the many Rhino tools. I will focus more on the design than the actual tools and will go at a fairly fast speed.
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What you’ll learn

  • This advanced course will focus on a typical design project design from scratch. It will explore the many different functions Rhino can offer in your design projects , no matter how complex it may be.
  • Better understand how to use the different Rhino 3D tools

Who this course is for:

  • This course is addressed to upper intermediate and advanced level students only. For beginners and lower intermediate level, please explore my other modules.

Rhino 3D V6 ( or V5 ) Level 2 Ship Surfacing Free Download


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