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Redux in Angular – CodewithMosh

Redux in Angular – CodewithMosh Free Download. Better manage the state of your Angular apps, improve their testability and use awesome debugging tools

Redux is a lightweight and simplified implementation of the Flux architecture that was originally introduced by Facebook. It provides a clean and elegant solution to maintain the state of your applications in a predictable way.

Redux in Angular – CodewithMosh Description

It also provides a number of other benefits:

– It decouples your application from a presentation framework like Angular

– It allows you to postpone decisions about external frameworks (clean architecture)

– It makes it easier to unit test your application without mocks and spies

– You get access to awesome tools as part of your development (Redux Dev Tools)

– It makes it easier to implement undo/redo feature in your applications

Build Enterprise Applications with Angular 2 (and Angular 4)

You’ll learn about:

  • The building blocks of Redux
  • Pure functions
  • Working with actions
  • The select pattern
  • Avoiding object mutations
  • Using immutable objects
  • Using Redux Dev Tools
  • Calling backend APIs when using Redux
  • Refactoring fat case blocks
  • Dealing with complex domains

Redux in Angular – CodewithMosh Free Download

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