Real World ASP.NET Web API Services for .NET Framework

Real World ASP.NET Web API Services for .NET Framework. Create production-ready, secure, professional Web API services designed for any kind of client integration

Are you a C#.NET developer ready to take the plunge into microservices?

Microsoft’s ASP.NET Web API 2.0 for .NET Framework is an outstanding, flexible platform for creating microservices.  Unfortunately the official documentation is sparse, and you are left trying to piece together your understanding of this powerful platform by scouring the Internet for articles and examples that are often too academic, outdated, and not aligned with the practical needs of real-world services that must integrate with potentially many different kinds of clients and data center environments.

In this course, I will take you step by step through all of the layers of Web API to give you a full understanding of the platform components you will likely need to use in a modern, production-ready web service.  Examples and exercises are drawn from practical, real-world scenarios of the sort I personally faced while creating commercial web services– and chances are you will face them too!

Real World ASP.NET Web API Services for .NET Framework Description


  • Be familiar with C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio at an intermediate or advanced level
  • Have a basic understanding of HTTP protocol (verbs, status codes) and the REST web service model
  • We’ll be covering intermediate to advanced topics facing professional developers in the real world, so this course is NOT for you if you are a beginner developer, or have no knowledge about HTTP and REST services and why we use them.

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What you’ll learn

  • Integrate your service with real-world clients that use custom authentication tokens and HTTP headers.
  • Improve your web services with standards-based error handling.
  • Secure your web service with custom input validation, authentication and authorization.
  • Document and test your service with integration test tools like PostMan, Fiddler and Swagger/OpenAPI.

Who this course is for:

  • Professional developers (or those seeking to become one) who want a solid understanding of the Web API framework to create real world, professional web services
  • Web service and microservice developers who have complex integration problems to solve, such as cross-platform or hybrid on-premise/cloud
  • Programmers who know the basics of Web API but want to go deeper to gain a full understanding of the pipeline and how to manipulate it
  • Microservice developers wanting to deploy production-ready services that meet the requirements of a modern DevOps infrastructure

Real World ASP.NET Web API Services for .NET Framework Free Download

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