React Redux Ecommerce – Master MERN Stack Web Development

React Redux Ecommerce – Master MERN Stack Web Development Free Download. Build one of The Biggest Real World MERN Stack E-commerce Project using React Redux Node MongoDB and Ant Design

React Redux Ecommerce – Master MERN Stack Web Development Description


  • Good understanding of javascript
  • Previous experience of building apps using react and node

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn to build one of the biggest ecommerce app ever
  • Hundreds of tips and tricks to build full stack app
  • Gain the skill for building any type of app (not limited to ecommerce)
  • Master the art of building frontend app with react and redux
  • Master the art of building backend api with nodejs
  • Master the art of building lightning fast full stack / mern stack apps
  • Integrate firebase for handling authentication
  • Learn to perform simple to complex mongodb queries using mongoose
  • Learn ant design (the most popular react UI library)
  • Stunning layout with bootstrap material css
  • Complete authentication with social login
  • Password forgot/reset, confirmation email on signup etc
  • Integrate redux for global state management
  • Role based access control for users and admin
  • Advance CRUD (create read update delete) for products, categories and sub categories
  • Multiple Image Uploads with Client Side Resize
  • Pagination
  • Advance searching and filtering (9 different ways)
  • Star rating system
  • Add to cart
  • Discount coupon code
  • Credit card payment with stripe
  • Cash on delivery (no online payment required)
  • Order management system for admin
  • Admin dashboard to manage and run ecommerce platform
  • Add to wishlist
  • Code splitting
  • Deployment

Who this course is for:

  • Javascript developers of all level
  • Anyone interested in building real world ecommerce app
  • Anyone interested in learning full stack / mern stack development
  • Anyone who enjoys learning by building meaningful real projects (not toy projects)
  • Anyone interested in learning hundred’s of tips and tricks, all within one course
  • Anyone with ambition to build the next big thing by mastering full stack development
  • Anyone who likes to write code that is clean and easy to understand (even for complex features)
  • Anyone who is up for a challenge

React Redux Ecommerce – Master MERN Stack Web Development Free Download

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