React For The Rest Of Us Free Download

React For The Rest Of Us Free Download
React For The Rest Of Us. Learn React JS to create Single Page Applications (SPA) using modern practices like Context, Reducer, Suspense and more
Learn the world’s most popular library for creating user interfaces! What makes this course different is we take the time to understand *why* we’re doing what we’re doing. We begin by asking an important question that so many other React courses skip entirely; What problem does React solve? Once we understand what React is and isn’t, we spend the remainder of the course together building the front-end for a real world social media app where you can post, follow other users and even hop into a live chatroom.

React For The Rest Of Us Description


  • A basic understanding of HTML (e.g. “p” is for paragraph, “h1” is for headline, etc…)
  • You could likely work through this course even without any JavaScript experience given the reasonable pace of lessons, but at least a tiny bit of JavaScript familiarity is recommended and will result in a much more enjoyable experience
  • No CSS knowledge required (although it helps to understand that CSS is used to add style & design to a page)
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What you’ll learn

  • The problem React solves and *why* we should use it (aside from “because it’s popular”)
  • How to create Single Page Applications with React
  • The ability to keep your code organized and manageable
  • How to seamlessly pull real and dynamic data into your front-end

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to create user interfaces using the most popular and in-demand library in the world today.

React For The Rest Of Us Free Download


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