React 2025 – Modern Applications with the Jamstack

React 2025 – Modern Applications with the Jamstack Free Download. Start developing websites like it’s 2025.

React 2025 – Modern Applications with the Jamstack Description

Build and deploy a modern SaaS application using the most popular open-source software

“Building modern web apps is too difficult.”

Have you tried to launch a project only to get stuck trying to do it “the right way”? I’ve been there. I’d waste time dealing with complex tech instead of shipping products. Then, I started building apps like it’s 2025.

Spend less time doing the things you hate.

  • Provisioning Servers
  • What is Kubernetes?
  • Dealing with Webpack
  • Cross-browser issues

And more time doing the things you love.

  • Building your product
  • Deploying with ease
  • Making your customers happy
  • Working with modern tools

[reactfordataviz] React for Data Visualization

Transform front-end to full-stack.

Are you frustrated with how long it takes to go from idea to production? As a front-end developer, I wanted to bring my ideas to life. Not just the front-end, but the full stack.

Then, I discovered the Jamstack and the optimal workflow for front-end developers.

  1. Build dynamic applications that become static.
  2. Push code to a repository with Git.
  3. Deploy instantly to a global CDN.

Not your typical course.

Are you tired of courses that don’t show real-world applications? In my last course, I showed how to build an application with a database, authentication, and more. But I never launched it.

This course will show the journey from zero lines of code to production for a real SaaS app. This isn’t another example. At the end of the course, I launched the product.

  • Next.js / React
  • Firebase Authentication / Firestore
  • Subscription payments with Stripe
  • Deployed serverless to Vercel

React 2025 – Modern Applications with the Jamstack Free Download


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