ZeroToMastery – Python for Business Data Analytics & Intelligence

ZeroToMastery – Python for Business Data Analytics & Intelligence

ZeroToMastery – Python for Business Data Analytics & Intelligence Free Download. Become a top Business Data Analyst. We’ll teach you everything you need to go from a complete beginner to getting hired as an analytics professional. You’ll learn to use Python and the latest industry tools and techniques to make data-driven decisions.

ZeroToMastery – Python for Business Data Analytics & Intelligence Description

The curriculum is very hands-on. But you’ll still be walked through everything step-by-step, so even if you have limited knowledge in statistics and Python, you’ll have no problems getting up to speed. We start from the very beginning by teaching you the fundamental building block of data analytics: statistics with Python. We’ll then dive into advanced topics so that you can make good, analytical decisions and know which tools in your toolbox are right for any project.

What’ll you learn

  •  The skills to become a professional Business Analyst and get hired
  •  Step-by-step guidance from an industry professional
  •  Learn to use Python for statistics, causal inference, econometrics, segmentaiton, matching, and predictive analytics
  •  Master the latest data and business analysis tools and techniques including Google Causal Impact, Facebook Prophet, Random Forest and much more
  •  Participate in challenges and exercises that solidify your knowledge for the real world
  •  Learn what a Business Analyst does, how they provide value, and why they’re in demand
  •  Analyze real datasets related to Moneyball, wine quality, Wikipedia searches, employee remote work satisfaction, and more
  •  Learn how to make data-driven decisions
  •  Enhance your proficiency with Python, one of the most popular programming languages
  •  Use case studies to learn how analytics have changed the world and help individuals and companies succeed

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

  • A computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) with an internet connection
  • Basic Python knowledge. Don’t know Python? No problem
  • A willingness and enthusiasm to learn and take action

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