Pure React: Learn to think in React (purereact.com)

Pure React: Learn to think in React (purereact.com)
Pure React: Learn to think in React (purereact.com) Free Download.
Every single video lesson has been professionally edited, reviewed, and play-tested to ensure the absolute highest quality learning materials for you to use to advance your skills as a web developer. The lessons aren’t the typical rambling, um-filled slog. They’re short, easily digestible, and to-the-point.

Pure React: Learn to think in React (purereact.com) Description

You’ll build a series of self-contained projects:
  • a Tweet component to learn all about JSX
  • a GitHub-style file list to practice using props
  • a Shopping site with 3 pages to learn to use state, including…
  • a Checkout page to learn forms and input controls
  • an Email client with popup notifications, to learn the Context API
  • a Pet Store to learn API requests, including…
  • modal dialogs with forms and error handling, and…
  • CRUD operations to create, list, update, and delete (er, adopt) pets
  • Learn JavaScript: Full-Stack from Scratch

Pure React: Learn to think in React (purereact.com) Free Download

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