PRO EDU – Narrative Color by Kate Woodman

PRO EDU – Narrative Color by Kate Woodman
PRO EDU – Narrative Color by Kate Woodman Free Download. the science of color pt. 2 with kate woodman. learn to use color with intent to drive emotion

PRO EDU – Narrative Color by Kate Woodman Description

Learn to use color with intent to drive emotion

Narrative photography is the art of using your photos to tell a story. When viewers can relate to a story or in your photography, they are more compelled to feel emotion or take action. Kate Woodman, instructor of PRO EDU’s The Science of Color, is back with an inspirational tutorial on storytelling. Whether you’re a commercial photographer, working on a personal project, or specializing in portraiture or landscapes, narrative photography is the answer that will add complexity and depth to your work. CREATE 3D LETTERING IN BLENDER – POLYGONRUNWAY

A masterclass in color application

In this course, Kate uses a case study of her invention to tell a romantic and mysterious story. Follow along as she shoots 2 models in 6 different, color-coordinated rooms. Learn her lighting, framing, and color thought processes as she directs the models and makes calculated changes to get her desired result.

Build your business the right way

In each of the six color-coordinated rooms, Kate shows the location, explains the props, frames the shot, and sets up the composition according to the tone of the Narrative Arc. She directs the models explaining her thought process on each model’s hair, makeup, wardrobe, and styling so the emotions of the characters are drawn out through the camera.

In this chronological exploration of Kate’s narrative storytelling process you will learn:

  • The concept of narrative photography and the four elements of The Narrative Arc that help an audience engage with a story
  • How to find inspiration and conceptualize it using a storyboard, mood board, journal, Pinterest, or other tools
  • Kate’s strategies related to framing, lighting, composition, and color that help facilitate the narrative in this tutorials’ case study.
  • The basics of color theory, theme, and emotion and how they can be used to add depth and layers to your work
  • Editing and post-production workflow using actions

PRO EDU – Narrative Color by Kate Woodman Free Download




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