Practical Networking – Practical TLS

Practical Networking – Practical TLS

Practical Networking – Practical TLS Free Download. A deep dive into SSL and TLS: Protocols that keep the Internet secure. Become an expert in SSL/TLS. Even if you are new to online security.

Practical Networking – Practical TLS Description

  • Accurate problem diagnosis
Once you understand how it all fits together, you’ll be rid of the guesswork. When people describe problems, you can accurately diagnose the failure and respond appropriately. No more crossing your fingers and hoping your solution works. You define the problem. And you know how to fix it.
  • Impress future employers
When you’re interviewing for IT positions, employers are looking for candidates who can demonstrate technical expertise. If you demonstrate that you are an SSL/TLS expert, you will be eligible for new job openings. Instead of hoping SSL doesn’t show up at your next job interview, you’ll be glad it did.
  • Be the SSL/TLS expert your peers turn to for advice
Become a tech hero who steps in when others encounter SSL errors. Be the trusted developer your team depends on. The next time your colleague is puzzled with a new deployment, they’ll be glad you were there to answer their questions.
  • Sharpen your skills with hands-on applications
This course contains over 30 labs for you to practice and learn new skills. You will gain practical knowledge of various OpenSSL commands through real-life demos and labs. Gain confidence that you can successfully complete the same tasks that come with your job.
  • Your “Amateur” Cryptography status is over
The cryptography used in SSL and TLS is similar to the cryptography used in any other secure communication protocol such as SSH, IKE and IPsec. Deepening your knowledge of cryptography with SSL will make it easy for you to become an expert in these other protocols as well.
  • Master the OpenSSL Toolkit
Get a hands-on understanding of Open SSL with step-by-step demos and labs. Get detailed instructions for using Open SSL with examples of common implementation tasks. Create CSRs and easily install SSL/TLS certificates.

Become an SSL/TLS expert without…

  • Trial and error frustration
  • Spending thousands of dollars on seminars or bootcamps
  • Waste of time digging through confusing, inconsistent resources
  • Uncertainties about the practical application of what you are learning
  • Fighting alone when no one answers questions

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