Photoshop Demo with Jim Madsen

Photoshop Demo with Jim Madsen Free Download. Want to see how the pros work, up close and personal? Follow along as pro illustrator Jim Madsen breaks down his method for painting amazing images in Photoshop.

Photoshop Demo with Jim Madsen Free Description

This is a demonstration by master painter Jim Madsen. It’s a detailed glimpse into how exactly Jim creates his amazing illustrations in Photoshop. Will Terry interjects questions as Jim reveals his process and shows how he gets the effects he achieves in his work. This demo takes you from the early stages of the painting through the middle sections and finally the details that really give it a master finish. This is not a step by step class and is geared more towards advanced Photoshop users. Jim moves fast but reveals his techniques which will help any digital painter improve her/his approach.

Painting with Anna Daviscourt

This video is approximately 90 min of explanation and demonstration. It comes with the black and white value drawing so you can follow along if you choose to.

Photoshop Demo with Jim Madsen Free Download


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