Painting with Anna Daviscourt

Painting with Anna Daviscourt Free Download. The journey from sketch to paint

Painting with Anna Daviscourt Free Description

Whether it’s the daunting task of jumping into coloring, or midway through completing the piece that you run out of steam, this video will teach you how to reach the finish line! By simplifying the painting process into four main stages, we can tackle any level of visual challenge.

In this video I will walk you through my process of completing a full illustration. We’ll go from the beginning stages of the sketch, into the world of color, through the task of editing, and finally dive into the juicy details at the end! Packed full of tips and tricks of how to work through any issue, this video will give you the tools to tackle your own detailed illustration!

For additional benefit, follow along with the provided PSD!

Painting Color and Light 2.0 – Will Terry

In this class you will learn:

  • Tips for creating a dynamic sketch
  • How to tackle value and color in a logical way
  • Methods for emphasizing the focal point of your piece
  • How to train your eyes to see what can be improved in your illustrations
  • Techniques for rendering a piece in a painterly style

Materials needed:

-Photoshop or a similar digital painting program

-Basic level of drawing ability

Painting with Anna Daviscourt Free Download


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