One Week Python – Udemy

One Week Python – Udemy

One Week Python Free DownloadA Quick and Effective Way to Learn Python, Made for Busy People.

One-Week Python Description

Don’t spend your time with 60+ hour giant courses that you never finish! Instead, take this quick and effective approach to Python that was developed with your sanity in mind. This course is the p1erfect first step into the realm of data science, web dev, machine learning, or any other area that requires Python understanding.

As an-person coding bootcamp instructor, I built this course to keep you engaged the entire way through. It’s full with workouts, quizzes, challenges, and projects. The slides, pictures, and cheatsheets were painstakingly developed to help you visualize the challenging ideas. There are no 20-minute monster videos in this course; the average video is barely 4 minutes long. Everything about this course has been designed to make it genuinely completable!

This course covers all the Python essentials you need: anything from variables to data structures to object oriented programming and modules. You’ll fill up your Python toolkit so you can go on and handle libraries like pandas, flask, scikitlearn, django, and more.

What this course is not: This course is not a full guide to every single potential feature in the Python language. It focuses on the 80 percent that is absolutely vital and worth your time, but there are other (far longer) courses that are more equivalent to Python textbooks that take the time to cover every feature. In reality, I built one of those courses, and it happens to be 40 hours long!

As someone who has both produced and purchased large Udemy mega bootcamp courses, I know they are still the typical structure on the market, but maybe it’s time for something a bit more human and interesting. I figured it was worth a shot at least.

What you’ll learn

  • Master modern Python fundamentals as quickly as possible
  • Learn the Python you need to move on to Data Science or Web Development
  • Work with 3rd party Python libraries and modules
  • Complete dozens of exercises, quizzes, and projects
  • You’ll learn to code with Python while staying sane!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Python in as little time as possible
  • Busy people who can’t spend months completing a Python course
  • Anyone who plans on learning Data Science or Machine Learning but first needs a Python foundation

One Week Python Free Download


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