Nomad Coders - Uber Eats Clone

Nomad Coders – Uber Eats Clone

Nomad Coders – Uber Eats Clone Free Download. Learn how to build Backend + Frontend + Payment

Nomad Coders – Uber Eats Clone Description

What will you make

3 Dashboards + Payment Module
You will build 3 Dashboards – Restaurant, Delivery and User. User’s order will be delivered to restaurants and delivery in real time and users will be able to see the progress in real time as well with google map. Also, there will be a payment module built for restaurants’ advertisement.

Grace Lever – Course Creation Project

What will you learn


User AuthenticationEmail VerificationRealtime Location ReportingAvatar UploadUser / Delivery Man / Restaurant Owner Profile


Restaurant CRUDDish CRUDRealtime Order NotificationsSales Dashboard (Data Visualization)Premium Feature (Online Payments)

Nest Concepts



Online PaymentsGoogle MapsUnit TestingEnd to End TestingData VisualizationTailwind CSSJWT Authentication

Who is this for

Good Knowledge of TS, Nest, React and GraphQL Required.

Nomad Coders – Uber Eats Clone Free Download

Size: ~7GB

Upload: 28.11.2020

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