Node-RED and ESP32 Project

Node-RED and ESP32 Project Free Download. Design and build an automated control system using Node-RED and the ESP32

Node-RED and ESP32 Project Description


  • Be familiar with the Arduino and ESP32.
  • Be familiar with Raspberry Pi.
  • Be familiar with Javascript.
  • Be comfortable on the command line.
  • Be able to assemble simple circuits.
  • Not be afraid to make a mistake (and fix it).

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What you’ll learn

  • Node-RED, the lightweight graphical programming tool.
  • ESP32, the powerful low-cost microcontroller with Wifi that you can program with the Arduino IDE.
  • MQTT Mosquitto broker, for reliable messaging between the ESP32 and Node-RED.
  • Use any Raspberry Pi as a host for Node-RED and the MQTT Mosquitto broker.
  • How to combine Node-RED, MQTT, the Raspberry Pi, and the ESP32 to create a complete automated control application.
  • Use Javascript inside Node-RED to process sensor inputs and calculate actions.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone familiar with the Arduino, ESP32 and Raspberry Pi.
  • Recent graduates of ESP32 for Arduino Makers.
  • Recent graduates of Raspberry Pi Full Stack.
  • Anyone interested in learning how to create a complete project using Node-RED, ESP32 and MQTT.

Node-RED and ESP32 Project Free Download

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Part 2

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