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ng-book. The Complete Guide to Angular 11 (full package) – ng-book. The Complete Guide to Angular 11 Free Download. – ng-book. The Complete Guide to Angular 11 Description

What you’ll learn

ng-book is designed to teach you step-by-step how to create serious Angular apps: from empty-folder to deployment. Each chapter covers a topic and we provide full code examples for every project in the book.

  • Writing Your First Angular 11 Application1
  • Binding Data to Components1.5
  • TypeScript2
  • Using Annotations and Types2.5
  • Angular 11 Concepts – How Angular Works3
  • Components, Controllers, and Views3.5
  • Using the Built-in Components4
  • Forms and Validations5
  • Understanding Observables and RxJS6
  • Data Architecture with Observables and RxJS6.5
  • Data Architecture With Redux and Angular7
  • Intermediate Redux with Angular8
  • Dependency Injection and Services9
  • Working with APIs and HTTP10
  • Routing11
  • Hybrid Apps: Porting An Angular 1 App to Angular 1112
  • Writing Advanced Components13
  • Understanding Lifecycle Hooks13.5
  • Testing14
  • Writing Mobile Apps with NativeScript
  • And more more

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APPS What you’ll build in ng-book The Complete Guide to Angular 11

When you buy ng-book, you’re not buying just a book, but dozens of code examples. Every chapter in the book comes with a complete project that uses the concepts in the chapter.

A component-based Reddit clone: Learn the basics of component-based architecture, rendering dynamic components, and capturing user input and turning it into interaction

A real-time chat app: Use modern data architectures such as RxJS Observables and Redux to build a chat application, built on scalable techniques

A YouTube search-as-you-type app: Make HTTP requests to a remote API and use RxJS Observables to create fast, snappy interactions with a real-time search on YouTube

A Spotify search app: Use Angular’s Router to create a multi-page application. Create your own servers using Dependency Injection and call a real API

Custom Tabs and UI Components: Use advanced features for maximum control of your components. We’ll build a tab-pane, a custom repeater component, template “transclusion” and more.

Forms with Validations: Build powerful forms that accept user input, and give clear messaging when the input is of an invalid format

And Many More!. There are lots of more mini-examples that show you how to write Components, how to use Forms, and how to use APIs – ng-book. The Complete Guide to Angular 11 Free Download

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