– Building a Company Component Library – Building a Company Component Library – Building a Company Component Library Free Download. This course will teach you how to create a flexible, private, enterprise-grade component library using React. – Building a Company Component Library Description

Since its introduction in 2013, React has become one of the most used front-end frameworks. Its component-based architecture and flexibility has made it the framework of choice for those needing to share code across multiple teams. However, the same flexibility that has helped React grow in popularity also creates many challenges when creating shared assets and tooling. Some of the most commonly asked questions include:
  • What components should be shared?
  • How do I choose which dependencies to include in my library?
  • Which component APIs and design patterns allow for the most flexibility?
  • How do I document and build my components?
  • How should I be testing my library?
  • Where do I deploy my components for internal use?
Introduction to Data Structures for Interviews – Frontend masters

What You Will Learn

  • How to identify potentially shared components in an existing codebase
  • Importance of choosing your libraries dependencies
  • How to create an NPM library from scratch with TypeScript and Storybook
  • Basic and advanced API patterns for shared components
  • How to build and deploy a modern NPM package to a private NPM registry – Building a Company Component Library Free Download


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