Motion Design with Figma: Animations, Motion Graphics, UX UI

Motion Design with Figma: Animations, Motion Graphics, UX  UI

Motion Design with Figma: Animations, Motion Graphics, UX UI Free Download. Learn motion design using Figma from a design industry pro. You’ll learn way more than just motion design principles and theory.

Motion Design with Figma: Animations, Motion Graphics, UX UI Description

What you’ll learn

  • Use Figma like a pro to do User Interface Design, User Experience Design (UX/UI), Web Design and Mobile App Design
  • Learn the principles of Motion Design, the design process, best practices, and prototyping your projects for your customers and clients
  • Learn to add Motion Graphics and Animations to your projects
  • Learn Motion Design using Figma
  • Learn to use Smart Animate in Figma
  • Micro-interactions, animations, transitions, parallax,
  • Create your own professional design portfolio by the end of the course (we provide everything for you to customize!)
  • Learn Motion Design by actually building real-world projects alongside a design industry pro that you can add to make your design portfolio stand out
  • Learn UI/UX best practices using the latest trends in the industry

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

  • A computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) with an internet connection. That’s it!
  • No prior knowledge is required. You will learn everything from scratch
  • A willingness and enthusiasm to learn and take action
  • Not required but if you want to learn more than just motion design with Figma and want a step-by-step guide to go from complete beginner to getting hired as a designer making $100K+ a year, take our Web & Mobile Designer Career Path (which includes this course)

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone interested in learning Motion Design and learning about the power of Figma and what you can create with this amazing tool
  • Anyone who wants to get hired as a Web Designer, Mobile Designer, UI/UX Designer and stand out from other candidates
  • Anyone who wants to become a Full-time or Freelance Motion Designer
  • Freelance Designers who want to be able to charge more money and create a more impressive portfolio that helps you get more clients
  • Web Developers and Mobile Developers wanting to add another valuable skill to their tool belt
  • Anyone who wants to learn about the latest Motion Design practices to build modern and beautiful applications
  • Students who are frustrated with their current progress with other motion design tutorials out there that don’t go beyond the basics and don’t give you real-world practice or skills you need to actually get hired

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Motion Design with Figma: Animations, Motion Graphics, UX UI Free Download

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