CodeWithMosh – The Ultimate HTML5 & CSS3 Series: Part 3

CodeWithMosh – The Ultimate HTML5 & CSS3 Series: Part 3

CodeWithMosh – The Ultimate HTML5 & CSS3 Series: Part 3 Free Download. Learn to build fast, stunning and responsive websites with HTML5 and CSS3

CodeWithMosh – The Ultimate HTML5 & CSS3 Series: Part 3 Free Description

Convert Photoshop Designs into Websites with Confidence

Wondering how professional web developers take a Photoshop design mockup and convert it into a real HTML5/CSS3 website? That’s exactly what you’re going to learn in this course. A fun, highly practical, step-by-step course that teaches you how to build and deploy fast, stunning websites using a systematic approach. It teaches you the mindset of a professional front-end developer and is packed with hundreds of techniques, time-saving tips and best practices. This is the HTML5/CSS3 course I wish I had when I was learning web development! CodeWithMosh – The Ultimate HTML5 & CSS3 Series: Part 2 By the end of this course, you’ll be able to…
  • Convert Photoshop mockup designs into real HTML5/CSS3 websites
  • Write quality HTML5/CSS3 code with confidence
  • Troubleshoot issues like a pro
  • Build responsive websites using the mobile-first approach
  • Deploy your websites to the cloud
Master HTML5/CSS3 Using a Real Project
  • Learn the essential Photoshop skills every web developer needs
  • Master mobile-first responsive design
  • Create layouts with Flex and Grid layout systems
  • Add smooth, beautiful animations
  • Optimize images for performance
  • Write clean, maintainable, object-oriented CSS3
  • Learn HTML5/CSS3 best practices
  • Write valid, semantic HTML5 code that search engines love
  • Use BEM convention to make your code more readable
  • Increase your productivity using little-known shortcuts
  • Host your code on GitHub
  • Set up continuous deployment
  • Measure your website’s performance
  • Get to know the tools that make your job easier
  • And much, much more!
I’ll show you and explain every line of code I write so you understand the what’s, why’s and how’s. Learn the thought-process, not copy/pasting code! Who is this course for?
  • Anyone looking for a career in front-end development
  • Anyone wanting to work as a freelancer
  • Anyone preparing for a job interview
Prerequisites This course is the third part of my Ultimate HTML5/CSS3 series. In the first two parts, I’ve covered the basic and advanced concepts. In this part, we put everything together to build a real website. So ideally you should have watched the first two parts, but you’re welcome to start here if you’re an intermediate-level web developer and are familiar with the following:
  • Semantic HTML elements
  • CSS selectors & pseudo-selectors
  • CSS box model
  • Absolute and relative positioning
  • Flex and grid layouts
  • Media queries
  • Responsive images
  • Transformations
  • Transitions

CodeWithMosh – The Ultimate HTML5 & CSS3 Series: Part 3 Free Download



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18 – Cards (Video coming soon)
21 – Media Objects (undecrypted)
27 – Blocks (Video coming soon)
34- Showcase Block (Video coming soon)
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Admin seems like you are not seeing our comments ,if you are please signify. we cant access the google drive link ,it’s not clickable. Please help us out both part2 and part 3 of this course.

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