Moralis Academy – Supply Chains in Blockchain

Moralis Academy – Supply Chains in Blockchain

Moralis Academy – Supply Chains in Blockchain Free Download. Baseline Protocol is the core tech for enterprise blockchain. Learn it here.​

Moralis Academy – Supply Chains in Blockchain Description

The majority of people widely associate blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies and the financial industry. However, the utility of blockchain can be evident across a broad array of industries, from insurance, real estate, and music to healthcare, energy markets, and even the supply chain industry! Introducing blockchain in supply chain management and core functional elements brings a more transparent future and a wealth of opportunities for business owners, employees, end-users, and customers.

Why Use Blockchain in Supply Chain?

So, why would you want to use blockchain in supply chain management? Further to the attractive public relations (PR) of introducing cutting-edge technology, blockchain can offer a range of benefits. Moreover, including blockchain in supply chain management systems can offer advantages to all the parties involved in the work line.

What’ll you learn

Want to get hired as a Blockchain Developer? Ruud will show you how to build enterprise Blockchain apps on Baseline Protocol using Unibright. After this course, you’ll also have in-depth insights into the real-world use cases of Blockchain for existing businesses – ideal if you’re looking for a career as an enterprise Blockchain/Web3 Developer.

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