Modern Wordpress Websites 2021 | Elementor & Adobe Photoshop

Modern WordPress Websites 2021 | Elementor & Adobe Photoshop

Modern WordPress Websites 2021 | Elementor & Adobe Photoshop Free Download. Learn how to make breathtaking, responsive wordpress websites using Elementor and Photoshop with 2 real world projects.

Modern WordPress Websites 2021 | Elementor & Adobe Photoshop Description


  • No previous knowledge required,everything will be taught from scratch.
  • Adobe Photoshop should be already installed. (optional – if you directly want to use the final edited images you can skip Section-2 and all the graphic creation lectures and simply use the finished graphics)
  • A laptop and a decent internet connection is required.
  • All other software used will be absolutely free.
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What you’ll learn

  • Building aesthetic and responsive real world websites using Elementor and Photshop
  • Locally Hosting WordPress websites using Local by Flywheel
  • Complete understanding and usage of the wordpress interface.
  • Basic Understanding of Photshop Interface
  • Pen Tool mastery allowing you to trace any shape in photoshop.
  • Brush Tool and its properties to use strokes effectively in photshop
  • Concepts like Layer Mask , Clipping Mask ,Layer Linking and Grouping and many more
  • Popular Elementor Addon Plugins to access all widgets you need for a website
  • Website Structuring using Labelled Sections before adding contents.
  • Responsive navigation bar creation using CSS IDs
  • Effective use of padding and margin.
  • Dimensioning website images.
  • Adjusting UI among other things to make website mobile friendly

Who this course is for:

  • Complete beginners who want to learn how to structure and build a professional, beautiful and responsive wordpress website with absolutely no coding from scratch.
  • People familiar with wordpress and even elementor wanting to make their websites look a class apart
  • People who struggle with coding and are looking for an alternative to make stunning websites.

Modern WordPress Websites 2021 | Elementor & Adobe Photoshop Free Download


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