motiondesignschool – Modern Design in Cinema 4D

motiondesignschool - Modern Design in Cinema 4D

Modern Design in Cinema 4D Free Download. Discover the principles of creating outstanding cover art by using intermediate Cinema 4D techniques. Take your renders to the next level, by mastering texturing, lighting, compositing inside of Cinema 4D. Equip yourself with all the workflow hacks!

Modern Design in Cinema 4D Description

What is this course about?

With the growing popularity of streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Music and many more, the demand for digital cover art is larger than ever. But while some cover artwork designers struggle, others create extremely effective design and win long term clients this way. In this course, we are taking a look at what I’ve learned in 12 years of working in the music industry as a 3D designer. We will start by exploring the branding psychology behind effective designs and ways to create your own composition by using grid systems. We’ll also explore texturing inside Cinema 4D and the techniques of creating different moods. We’ll have a close look at the rendering process and in the final part, we will focus on the compositing on our scene that will enhance our render even further. – Fullstack D3 Masterclass

About the author

You may know me from Instagram or YouTube under my artist name Vacades. My name is Timo Helgert and I’m a creative director currently based in Germany. I’ve been using Cinema 4D for 12 years now and since then I’ve worked with many clients such as Universal, Warner, Sony Music, Puma and many more. Since 2012 I have fully shifted my focus on working as a designer in the music industry and by working with several labels and producers I had the chance to experiment and test different techniques that make my art more effective.

Modern Design in Cinema 4D Free Download

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