MikroTik Network Associate with LABS

MikroTik Network Associate with LABS Free Download. Master the topics of the MikroTik MTCNA track using the theory & practical LABS and be ready for the MTCNA exam

MikroTik Network Associate with LABS Description


  • Basic networking skills
  • Knowledge of the TCP/IP protocol
  • Basic computer skills

Beyond Basics – RESTful API with ASP.NET Core and EF Core

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the outline of the MTCNA course
  • Know how to register for the MTCNA exam
  • Understand what is MikroTik and where it is located
  • Understand the difference between RouterOS and RouterBOARD
  • Know how to get 1st access on the MikroTik router using WebFig
  • Understand how to use Quick Set to make your router working
  • Understand the usage of the Winbox utility to connect to the router via MAC address
  • Understand the difference between Telnet and SSH and how to use them to connect to the MikroTik router
  • Understand the basic command line syntax’s on MikroTik terminal
  • Know how to connect the MikroTik router to the internet
  • Understand how to configure DHCP client
  • Understand how to share internet to the LAN PCs using the NAT
  • Be able to troubleshoot internet connection problem on your MikroTik router and your LAN PCs
  • Know how to upgrade the RouterOS via 3 different ways
  • Understand the function of the RouterBOOT & how you can upgrade it
  • Understand how to create users and custom groups
  • Understand how to use Public and Private keys to connect via SSH
  • Managing RouterOS Services
  • Understand the difference between the Binary and export backup
  • Understand how to reset the RouterOS configuration from Winbox
  • Understand how to do Hardware reset on RouterOS routers
  • Understand how to use Netinstall to reflash the MikroTik RoutersOS
  • Understand the different type of licenses for RouterOS and CHR
  • Understand and configure DHCP Server and DHCP client
  • Understand APR and manipulate it on MikroTik (enabled, disabled, ARP-Reply)
  • Understand what is the function of the Bridge
  • Understand how and where to use Station Bridge on the Wireless
  • Have an overview idea about MikroTik Firewall
  • Understand what is the function of connection tracking and its affect to the Firewall
  • Understand what are the connection states and how to configure them correctly on the Firewall
  • Understand how to redirect all DNS queries to the MikroTik Router
  • Understand the usage of the DST-NAT
  • Know what is VPN and why it is important
  • Understand the PPTP protocol
  • Know how to configure PPTP site-to-site VPN on MikroTik RouterOS
  • Understand the SSTP protocol
  • Understand how to configure SSTP site-to-site VPN with and without certificates
  • Understand how to configure SSTP remote access VPN
  • Understand the different types of Routing
  • Understand the function of administrative distance in routing
  • Understand and configure FastTrack on IP Firewall
  • Understand and configure PPPoE Server and client
  • Understand how simple queues work
  • Know how to configure simple queues
  • Understand and configure burst on QOS
  • Configure one simple queue for the whole network (PCQ)
  • Understand and configure Burst on MikroTik
  • Configure the Router to be able to send emails
  • Monitor network and devices using Netwatch tool and use scripting to send emails as notifications
  • Understand Ping tool, Traceroute tool and CPU profile tool
  • Understand torch tool, interface monitor and graph
  • Understand wireless fundamentals
  • Understand the different wireless standards and Frequencies
  • Configure a wireless AP Bridge on MikroTik
  • Connect MikroTik Wireless station to the AP
  • Understand the access list on wireless for MAC filtering

Who this course is for:

  • Engineers who want to learn how to use MikroTik products in their networks
  • Students who want to learn and be ready for the MikroTik MTCNA exam

MikroTik Network Associate with LABS Free Download

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