Metronic Admin Dashboard Theme 7.2.1 – Bootstrap 4 HTML, React, Angular 11, VueJS & Laravel

Metronic Admin Dashboard Theme

DOWNLOAD Metronic Admin Dashboard Theme 7.2.1 – Bootstrap 4 HTML, React, Angular 11, VueJS & Laravel

What is Metronic Admin Dashboard Theme

Metronic template panel admin for Delphi and C ++ Builder Bootstrap 4 in. Angular 8 and React Admin can be. This set is over 75 thousand developers are used. Shell admin templates, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is to build the user interface for the manager of a web application can be used. Use the shell admin in projects makes a saving in time and cost can be left to the reason that does not need to design and coding the basic patterns from scratch, and can not in a short time your program will run.

Collection of templates available in this package, the RTL support, which can for panel the admin site English language use. مترونیک with HTML, SASS, jQuery, and Bootstrap 4 is made and can be, regardless of the languages and technologies of the server-side used.

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Features of Metronic Admin Dashboard Theme

  • Delphi and C ++ Builder powerful
  • Everything in Metronic in the form of mounting is adjustable to project an unbeatable and unique to offer.
  • Demo multiple
  • Choose a suitable design for the project, among the hundreds of demo pre-designed
  • Component unlimited
  • A huge collection of components for the Power Up program with the latest trends UI / UX
  • Support for Angular 8, and React
  • Integrating Angular and React with the modules, authentication, and other items
  • Plug the table data proprietary
  • Has the table data along with the advanced features CRUD

System requirements

To run the Metronic build tasks, you will need to install nodejs, npm, bower, angular-CLI, and others.

Metronic Admin Dashboard Theme 7.2.1 Free Download




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